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    ChaseBid is a licensed Brand of Viaan Industries Ltd a BSE listed entity. We are a bidding evolution, wrapped up into one intelligent action-packed lowest unique bid competitive Auction! We are here to provide an exciting yet easy way for you to bid for brand new products from Electronics, Exclusive Gift cards to Luxury Holidays and Experiences that even money can’t buy like a meeting with your favorite celebrity or a chance to be in a movie. ChaseBid enables you through using your wit and strategy to win auctions at a tiny fraction of their retail value. ChaseBid is one of the only lowest unique bid auction web sites / apps that have exclusive priceless experiences not available anywhere else. We run daily, weekly and monthly Mega Auctions. Choose what you want to win from the list of products & services. You may bid on as many items as you wish, and place as many bids as you like. The player with the lowest unique bid in an auction wins the item under which that winning bid was placed. To win in ChaseBid all you have to do is bid smart, low and unique. Place your bids and if one of them is the lowest and unique then you are the winner! To learn more, please visit the “How It Works” section. At ChaseBid we want our clients to enjoy the experience and excitement to participate and win in our auctions.