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Backpacks can be generally classified into three types: daypacks, internal frame and external frame packs. Since the daypacks do not have frames, they are lightweight and soft-backed. Most of them also feature hipbelts to keep the bag securely in place and prevent thumping on your back. These bags are ideal for bike rides and short mountain hikes. You can also use them to carry your books to college or your sports gear. The internal frame ones feature semi-flexible frames built into their back panels. This design feature offers you better balance and easy movement. The external frame packs have strong, tubular metal frames supporting the bags from the outside. As a result, these packs do not stay very close to your body and offer you better ventilation in hot and humid climates. These heavy-duty packs are ideal for long hiking expeditions and travelling, as their frames make it easy to strap on bulky or oddly shaped gear on to them. No Flipkart coupon code required get this offer